Top Five Reasons to Join an Association

Are you thinking of joining a professional association or making better use of your existing membership? If so, you’re not alone. There are over 90,000 trade, industry, and professional associations in the US with millions of members—all gaining the career and networking benefits of membership. Here are twelve of the most powerful to consider.

TOP 5 reasons:

  • Continuing Education. Membership can give you access to certification or recertification credits for in-person education or recorded educational content on-demand to fit your schedule and your pocketbook! Members typically receive discounted or complimentary rates for registration.
  • Mentorship Opportunities. Mentorship can help you advance your career, but nearly half of all professionals never have the opportunity to be a mentee or serve as a mentor. Look for associations that provide mentorship programs to get the most out of your membership. Some programs you might find are New Member Familiarization, New to the Field, and Student Nurturing.
  • Leadership Opportunities. Career growth doesn’t just happen in the office. In fact, expanding your professional experience outside of the office benefits your career and your current employer. Find out how you can get involved – sit on a board, serve on a committee, volunteer at an event, or share your expertise by speaking at an educational event.   
  • Sharpen Your Competitive Edge. One of the biggest benefits of joining an association is the pool of knowledge and talent to draw from. Take advantage of the association’s educational resources, share best practices with peers and access member only information and advanced training opportunities to maintain an edge over non-members.
  • Certification Assistance. Certifications are an outward sign of knowledge and professionalism recognized by your peer’s s and employers alike. Many associations provide guidance and resources to members who are seeking certifications. Associations that offer continuing education credits often automatically track the credits you receive from their courses and provide a convenient place to keep track of them . Look for an association that supports your certification goals and grows your skillset, and marketability.

Additional exclusive advantages:

  • Exclusive Industry Events. Joining an association may qualify you for special access and/or pricing to upcoming conferences, trade shows, and events in your area. Professional associations often have member-only events in which industry leaders of national and international organizations come together to strategize, share experiences, and explore pressing topics.
  • Member Only Advantages.  In addition to complimentary registration rates members have access to other members via an online community to ask a question, reply to questions, and share documents in discussion groups. Some associations grant access to special rates on products and services, from member vendors/suppliers saving members money. Many also have free subscriptions to newsletters and other valuable publications.
  • Volunteer opportunities. As a busy professional, you may struggle to find time to participate in or coordinate charitable events that align with your interests. Professional organizations are often active in philanthropic activities in both the community and your specific profession. Volunteer for your association by participating on a committee to strengthen membership or work on educational content. Volunteering is important to you professional development.  Choose to play a part, big or small, in many worthy projects, contributing to a stronger community.
  • Find New Talent. Your new community should allow you to interact with the brightest minds and up-and-coming talent within your function or industry. Association events can be a fantastic place to meet top talent and even find your next best employee.
  • Discover Job Opportunities. Many associations offer career resources to assist those who are new to the field or transitioning into it. From job postings to resume consults, resources vary, but all can help you stand out to your next employer.
  • Diversity. It’s no secret that diverse workforces make better decisions—87% better, according to research. Joining an association gives you ready access to a diversity of thought, allowing you to make more informed, strategic decisions.
  • Have a Voice. In a world where change is the only constant, membership provides you with a preexisting framework for industry organization and advocacy. This can put what will affect you, and your industry, closer to your reach.

In these fast-paced, dynamic times, it is more important than ever to stay on top of industry changes and new skills. Membership in a professional association is an indispensable way to ensure you stay at the forefront of our profession. From education and recruiting, to advocacy and cost savings, the benefits of membership in a professional association are extensive and ever-growing.

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