How Volunteering Benefits Your Career

As you build your career, you might think you’ve got the basics covered. You’ve worked on your resume and your LinkedIn, built your network, and honed your interviewing skills.

Yet there is something else that can open up opportunities and advance your career… Volunteering. No matter where you are in your career development, volunteering offers a powerful career boost. Let’s look at four top reasons why.

Resume booster

Simply put, volunteer experience can really enhance your resume. It demonstrates commitment to a cause and can help you leap off the page as a well-rounded and conscientious potential employee.

Volunteering benefits your career
Volunteering can be the ultimate networking activity

There’s something else to consider, too. Hiring managers are always looking for strong soft skills. Volunteering can give you a chance to build interpersonal skills, problem-solving strength and leadership management experience—those soft skills will make you a can’t-miss hire.  

Network builder

Networking takes many shapes, and volunteering is one of them. Volunteer experience lets you connect with people and share experiences. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about organizations and industries you might not have otherwise encountered. In fact, because of how meaningful your new connections may prove to be, volunteering can be the ultimate networking activity.

Skill developer

Curious to try something new? Looking for a way to develop or refine new skills? Volunteering gives you a chance to develop skills to enhance your resume and your attractiveness to employers during the interview process. For the best results, look for opportunities you don’t have in your paid work.

Learning experience

Volunteering can be a low-pressure way for you to learn more about how and when you do your best work. Are you more independent, or do you prefer teamwork? Does working at a particular organization or for a specific cause inspire and fulfill you? Volunteering can be a fast track to management at your current company or figuring out what you need and want from your next role—and ultimately your career.

Volunteer opportunities with DallasHR

Volunteers are welcomed and celebrated at DallasHR. Consider sharing your time, energy and talent with us. Our members have volunteered to: 

  • Serve on standing committees
  • Design and lead professional education events
  • Host networking and education eventsOrganize and support the annual HRSouthwest Conference

Interested in learning more? Reach out to to discuss volunteer opportunities.

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