Reasons to Attend an HR Conference, Seminar or Workshop

Many of us think: Is it worth it to attend a conference or event? Busy schedules, travel, and registration fees can all contribute to our doubts.

Yes, it is worth it—professionally and personally. Attending an HR conference, seminar, or workshop is an investment in your development. Here are six key reasons to say yes and make time to mingle with other professionals.

#1. Learn from the experts.

It may seem obvious, but it is worth emphasizing: one of the best places to learn is at an industry event. Events like The HRSouthwest Conference and DallasHR’s education and networking events give HR professionals unparalleled opportunities to hear from industry and subject matter experts. From staying on top of trends to learning about new solutions, HR industry events give professionals the edge.

#2. Gain inspiration.

There is a special excitement that comes with attending an HR event and bringing new ideas and fresh thinking back to your organization. You might have an “aha” moment in a session about hiring in a fierce talent market, or you might make a connection with someone who specializes in an area you would like to learn more about. An uplifting keynote can help you see work and your role in a new light.

#3. Grow your network.

Professionals at every career stage benefit from a strong network. With remote work and ongoing isolation over the last two years, many of us have neglected networking. An event can offer a jumpstart in building new connections, whether you are seeking a new role, looking to make a new hire, or simply investing in your own professional future.

#4. Polish your speaking skills.

Conferences and events provide excellent opportunities to polish your communication skills. These include public speaking if you are leading a session or participating in a panel. Or, they can be more casual, if you are working in a breakout group or small session, or simply networking with other attendees.

#5. Discover new opportunities.

Perhaps you are thinking about your next career move now—and planning ahead. Attending a conference or event can provide opportunities to learn about roles, career paths, and companies you might be interested in. Consider them chances to help you clarify where you are and where you want to go. And, back to networking: it can be an ideal way to connect with people doing work that interests you.

#6. Earn continuing education credits.

Many industry events and conferences provide the opportunity to earn continuing education credits to complete or maintain professional certification. Attending can be a convenient way to fit credit fulfillment into a busy schedule.

Now that you know why conferences and events can be so beneficial professionally and personally, be sure to make time for them on your 2022 calendar. The HRSouthwest Conference is October 16-19, 2022, at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Registration opened April 1.