Six Benefits of Employing Veterans

Finding, hiring and keeping the right talent can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. This is true whether your organization is a small business, a nonprofit or a multinational corporation.

The right hires can make all the difference in assembling a high-performing team. And according to HR Dive, there are several overlooked talent pools which can yield big benefits when you’re hiring. One of these is military veterans.

Why veterans?

Here are six of the top reasons why veterans can be great hires.

#1: Retention rates can be high.

Military socialization creates a strong connection between the individual and your organization. When their skills are matched to the right career and role, veterans can prove highly loyal to employers. This translates to higher rates of retention, improved productivity and ultimately drive down turnover and its associated costs for businesses. A SHRM study found  veterans who had transitioned to civilian employment had high company commitment levels.

#2: Veterans are goal-oriented.

Military training focuses on goal completion. And many military members enlist at the age of 19 and are armed  with leadership training to assume greater responsibility relatively quickly. Many private sector professionals are still pursuing college degrees at this age.

#3: Veterans value teamwork.

The military environment emphasizes teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. There is far less conflict between individualism and collectivism than in the typical corporate or organizational environment. Research cited in this SHRM report found veterans are more adept at organizing and defining team goals, mission and member roles than non-veterans. This means they can bring valuable soft skills in a team setting. 

#4: Organizations can reap tax advantages.

Programs such as the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), and the Returning Heroes Tax Credit can provide information on  tax credits and successful onboarding support to employers. There are also recognition programs such as the HIRE Vets Medallion Award open to employers which invest in recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans.

#5: Veterans are resilient.

The military is widely considered one of the most high-stress work environments in the world. And success in it requires resilience, the ability to maintain normal psychological and physiological functioning when faced with stress and trauma.

Research by Gallup found that military structure and experience help to develop high levels of resilience. This can be a valuable benefit which veterans bring to the civilian workplace.

#6: They understand and embrace protocols.

Protocols and procedure matter in the military. Members are trained to take health and safety protocols seriously. In a COVID-19 world, adhering to strict safety and social distancing protocols is more important than ever, and veterans may be uniquely positioned to help organize, establish and abide by them.

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