Sponsored Blog – How Businesses Can Benefit from the Gig Economy in Dallas TX

Many companies use a staffing or recruitment agency in Dallas to help them find the workers they need. But would you like to skip the time-consuming parts of recruiting and still find the workers you need? Let’s dive into some of the ways you can find workers and keep up with your business demands in Dallas: 

Benefit One: Flexibility and Agility 

Flexibility is a major benefit to workers and companies alike when it comes to gig work in Dallas. With contract work, workers get much more control over when they work and the type of work they engage in. Utilizing gig workers can help companies handle busy periods and grow at the rate they choose.  

Finding great workers can be a challenge, even with enough workers available. But in the current post-pandemic environment, it can be particularly tough. The labor market in Dallas is bouncing back, but there are still worker shortages being reported by many companies who are trying to find qualified workers. That’s why it is so important to make sure your teams are using the most streamlined and efficient process to find the workers you need without a lot of hassle. 

Stop Going Back & Forth With Traditional Staffing Agencies 

We know your time is important. When you work with a staffing agency, it can make finding workers rather complicated. There’s a lot of back-and-forth. And limited visibility into which workers will be showing up. This makes it difficult to plan your day because you don’t know which jobs are still open and who is coming. Now more than ever is the time to simplify and improve how you connect with workers who can get the job done. Gone are the days of scheduling calls, sending emails, and struggling to nail down the labor you need over a drawn-out timeline. There are better ways for your HR and Ops team to find and engage with the talent they need. Gig work is flipping the script on who can work, where they can work, and when they can work. Beyond that, businesses are becoming increasingly trusting, and reliant on said apps to fuel their companies. 

Benefit Two: Access to a Diverse Group of Qualified Workers 

When engaging gig workers you are not bound by any requirement that the relationship be long-term. Gig workers often weigh multiple opportunities simultaneously and have a broader availability than those looking for employment opportunities. This can be a big advantage for companies because they have a larger pool of people they can draw from to find a highly qualified worker. 

No More Slogging Through Piles of Resumes  

One of the most time-consuming parts of finding new workers is soliciting and reviewing resumes to find candidates you want to interview. This can involve posting on multiple online boards, using some kind of software to track hundreds of resumes and profiles, and manually going through resumes to find individuals with the qualifications and experience you need. We understand how unhelpful this can be, especially in times like today. Wonolo helps to eliminate all of that. Wonolo is an on-demand staffing solution that allows you to easily post jobs that can be instantly viewed by hundreds of experienced and available workers in Dallas. So you don’t have to go out and solicit resumes and filter through them to find the right workers. You can simply log in to the Wonolo platform, adjust your job postings as needed, and connect with workers in the area.  

Communicate Directly with Workers  

Everyone wants to simplify and improve how they connect with workers. Skip the middleman and communicate directly with the workers who have accepted your jobs. No more wondering if your workers know the job requirements when to show up or if they are informed of the job specifications. Coordinate all the essentials with them directly. Once you are working with an individual, you will want to have visibility into their time worked to make sure the workers you connect with are accurately compensated for the work they perform.  

Benefit Three: Filling Permanent Positions Down the Road 

As an employer or manager, you may be thinking only of the contract opportunities available at your company when you think of gig workers. But you should also consider the fact that gig workers may be a great source of candidates for other full-time opportunities at your company. With gig workers, you have the advantage of getting to know them during their temporary time with your company. You can get a sense of their skill-set, strengths and weaknesses, and how they perform their work–which may come in handy if the worker demonstrates interest in a different, full-time role that opens up down the road. Considering contract workers you have worked with for permanent opportunities can be a low-risk way to find the talent you need. 

Wonolo is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For 

If you’re looking to improve your process for finding workers in Dallas, now is the time to try Wonolo. Wonolo is a different kind of online job marketplace that helps you connect with the workers you need when you need them. You can quickly and easily post a job and connect and engage with workers when they accept your job. Plus, you can view their hours worked and pay them right from the Wonolo app. Try Wonolo today!