HR Round Table Meetings for All

HR has undergone dramatic changes as a field in the last 10 years. This rapid pace of change is continuing this year—and beyond. A variety of factors, including new ways of working, the force of digital transformation, technology and tools, generational shifts, and expectations for customer and employee experience, all exert influence.

New emerging roles like Chief People Officer and People Scientist are shaping how the HR function integrates with and strategizes with company leadership. Distributed workforces are changing the way talent collaborates. A philosophical sea change is transforming work to be more human-centered, personalized, and memorable.

As today’s HR professionals contend with so much change, it’s more important than ever to prioritize continuing education and professional development. This is as true for HR professionals who are a ‘department of one’ as it is for those who are managing or leading the function on an international scale. Staying on the vanguard of the latest trends, pressures, and developments in the industry prepares you to bring a wide lens and informed perspective to your work and to your company.

DallasHR’s HR Round Table Meetings are a way to learn, connect and collaborate with other HR professionals in specialized areas of practice and interest. They offer an opportunity to share expertise in a specific discipline or to learn and share best practices with other HR professionals in similar situations or roles to yours.

Department of One Group
If you’re solely responsible for your organization’s HR function, you are a department of one. And HR professionals like you face unique challenges and opportunities. Our HR Department of One Round Table group gives sole practitioners a chance to network with each other as well as discuss problems or initiatives specific to their organizations with knowledgeable peers. HR Department of One Round Table meetings are held every other month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the DallasHR office and include a complimentary lunch. See all upcoming HR Department of One Round Tables.

Global HR Group
If you’re leading the HR function for a foreign-owned company or support the international operations of a US company, the Global HR Round Table is for you. This group includes expertise and discussion on issues of international human resources, relocation, and immigration, in addition to other topics. Global HR Round Tables are held every other month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the DallasHR office and include a complimentary lunch. See all upcoming Global HR Round Tables.

Specialty HR Round Tables
Are you an HR specialist? Be sure to check out the upcoming HR Round Tables for your specialty, including Organizational Development, Benefits & Compensation, and more. Most meetings are for DallasHR members only, though certain round tables will be open to the public if they involved recertification.

Do you have a recommendation for a future Round Table? Please reach out to us to share.

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