Six Reasons You Need to Network

Let’s say you have a problem you can’t solve yourself. Or a need you can’t fill. Where do you turn?

Your network, of course. Having a community to reach out to for the resource, expertise, solution, or person you ultimately need is invaluable.

Of course, it takes time and energy to build a community like this. Investing your time in building and developing your network yields long-term rewards. Networking can help you advance your career, build your team, grow your business, and much more. Even better, you can engage in networking and reap its benefits whether you are just starting your career or are at its zenith. You need only invest a little time and be willing to build

Let’s take a closer look at six key reasons why you need to network.

1. Advance Your Career

Many professionals find their first or next opportunity through their networks. Whether you are actively job-searching or not, staying attuned to your network can help you advance your career. Connect with people at organizations you admire. Seek out contacts one to two levels more senior to you. Use your network to assess culture and fit for potential opportunities.

2. Grow Your Expertise

No one can be an expert in all things HR. Building your network to include peers in complementary roles or functions can be a great way to take the pulse of our industry. It can also help you make a transition should you ever want to move into a different HR specialty area. And, best practice education events can expand your knowledge and your network.

3. Solve a Specific Problem

If you have a very specific problem, you may be able to network your way to answers. Perhaps you’re evaluating a change in benefits or you want to implement new tools or procedures to smooth the hiring process. If your network is robust enough, it can be a terrific resource.

4. Make Hiring Easier

Speaking of hiring, your network can be a great source of potential candidates. Your connections can share your job postings as well as pair you with anyone they know who may be searching. In this way, your network can help you streamline the hiring process.

5. Make Friends

Have you had a professional contact or colleague who became a good friend? Networking can introduce you to like-minded people who can open new doors for you both the professional and personal worlds.

6. Enhance Communication Skills

The more you practice your communication skills, the better they will be. Networking gives you a great chance to become more comfortable building relationships, discussing your ideas, and expressing what you want out of your career.

Professional membership organizations like DallasHR make networking easier. With regular networking events at restaurants and venues throughout Dallas and Collin County, we make it easier to grow your network. Everyone is looking to find new connections. You can also connect with your peers through HR Round Tables and other training sessions, or through HRConnect, our member-only online community.

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